The Ripley County Soccer Club (hosted by the Versailles Sports Complex) is here to provide activity and instruction for ALL Ripley county kids (ages 4-13) interested in learning and playing soccer. Soccer is a wonderful sport that enables all kids to be active instead of standing around, it teaches teamwork, strategy, improves your coordination, problem solving, and strengthening your body all the while proving a team sport that enables all types of kids (big, small, fast, slow) to be apart of the TEAM! We look forward to helping your child have a great fun experience and staying healthy on one of our age appropriate soccer teams.

We also encourage parents, and caregivers to get involved in coaching, referring (we will teach you), helping volunteering in the planning and organizing of events and also are looking for volunteers to help out in our concession stand in the hopes to raising more money and improving our soccer facilities. Contact us here in the sports section by using the
contact form.
Fall Registration Deadline is usually by the end of the school season at the end of MAY
We are looking forward to another great season at the Versailles Sports Complex.

 Please return to your school by the end of school year.

(Players must be age 4 to 13 as of 7/31   to participate.)
Fall Registration Fee—$40.00 per player - Maximum $80 per Family
Fall Season begins in August (you will be contacted by your coach in July)


If you are interested in sponsoring in any capacity for the soccer season, please

complete the sponsor form and return with payment as soon as possible, so we can order uniforms.

Please make checks payable to: Ripley County Soccer Club, PO Box 223, Versailles, IN 47042

Your help is greatly appreciated and is absolutely necessary if our youth programs of

this area are to continue for all children. The soccer program will be supervised by

Amy Miller D.C. (812-525-6542). We express the importance of these programs are for the

"children first" and utmost to learn sportsmanship and to learn the sport in a fair and safe

environment. If sponsoring is too expensive for you at this time, any donation to the

program would be appreciated and could be sent to the same address.


Thank you for your support.



Ripley County Soccer Club - 812-621-3909
Amy Miller DC. - 812-525-6542